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Careers in information systems are popular and the field continues to grow, and the jobs outlook for the field is positive. The list of careers in the information systems field is wide open, depending on your skills and interests and education. A recent survey shows that graduates are seeking employment as software quality specialists, programmers and programmer/business analysts, MIS staff and NT administrator. Starting earning potential is $32,110 to $53,640. Information Systems specialists design, build, and implement software solutions for businesses, organizations, non-profits and government agencies. According to CNN Money Magazine, “the No. 1 Best Job in America in 2006 was software engineering, ahead of finance, medicine, real estate and law.” Careers in information systems and information technology is expected to grow tremendously in the next ten years.

Network Administrator
Software Engineer
Network Engineer
Database Administrator
Project Manager
System Administrator
Web Developer
Games Developer
Games Programmer
Web Developer
Web Designer
Software Application
Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Software Test Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Information Technology
Software Architect

Another way of defining information systems is this: information systems is the computer system that provides aid to a company, non-profit or governmental agency and helps them achieve their computing goals. It’s also concerned with the processes that a business or organization can implement and improve using computer/information technology. Information systems professionals must understand both technical and organizational factors, and must be able to help a business and/or person determine how information and technology-enabled processes can provide a foundation for better performance within their business or organization. Information systems specialists serve as a bridge between the technical and management superiors within an organization.


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