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Information sytems is a scientific field of study that involves the gathering, processing, distributing, storing and applying of information in businesses, organizations, industry, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies. It also often refers to the interaction between step-by-step mathematical processes and technology. This interaction can occur within or across organizational boundaries. Information systems are not only the type of technology an organization uses, but the way in which the organization interacts with the technology within the organizationís business processes. It differs from IT (Information Technology) in that an information system has an information technology component that interacts with the processes components.

There are many different types of information systems, including transaction processing systems, database management systems and office information systems. Information systems has itsí roots in computer science, engineering, mathematics, management science and cybernetics. Information systems are implemented within an organization for the purpose of improving effectiveness and efficiency of a business, organization or government agency, etc. Information systems are typically used to enable humans to perform tasks for which the human brain is not capable of, or at the very least, not well suited, such as handling huge amounts of information and performing complex calculations. Careers in information systems can be exciting and rewarding. IS degrees and IS careers are some of the fastest growing worldwide. Careers in information systems are also some of the highest paying jobs in management.


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